Jurnal Kesehatan Indonesia (Jurkessia)

Pengaruh Pemberian Quercetin Terhadap Profil Lipid (Triasil-Gliserol) Pada Tikus Wistar Jantan (Rattus Norvegicus) Yang Diberi Diet Aterogenik



One of the primary factor which cause of coronary heart disease is hiperlipidemia. The condition of hiperlipidemia is increase of lipid serum, not cholesterol only but also triglycerides and the reduction of HDL. The height concentration of triglycerides in the blood related to the atherosclerosis process. Quercetin as which has properties to reduce the lipid absorption and to increase the excretion, seems to decrease the triglycerides in the body. The purpose of this research was to find out the effect of Quercetin to decrease the concentration of triglycerides on male wistar rat (Rattus norvegicus) which is given with atherogenic diet. This research was an experimental laboratoric with complete random design. The sample consist of 25 rats divided into 5 treatment groups, P0 (negative control), P1 (positive control), P2 (atherogenic diet + quercetin 14 mg/day), P3 (atherogenic diet + quercetin 28 mg/day), P4 (atherogenic diet + quercetin 56 mg/day). The result of this research showed the highest concentration of trigliserida could be found in atherogenic diet group treatment (176.25±11.67 mg/dl), whereas the lowest concentration is obtained by atherogenic diet + quercetin 56 mg/day (119.25±8.96 mg/dl). The result of the statistical test showed there is a significantly different between quercetin dose (P=0.0001, R=0.781). The conclusion of this research was quercetin decrease triglycerides level on the rats which were given atherogenic diet, and quercetin dose 56 mg/day was the effective dose to decrease triglycerides near normally level.

Key words: Trigliserida, Quercetin, Atherogenic diet.

(Jurkessia, Vol. I, No. 1 hal 13 – 17)


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