Jurnal Kesehatan Indonesia (Jurkessia)

Hubungan Pengetahuan Suami dan Sikap Suami Tentang Keluarga Sadar Gizi (KADARZI) Terhadap Status KADARZI di Wilayah Puskesmas Batakan Kecamatan Panyipatan Kabupaten Tanah Laut Tahun 2010

Norhasanah1*Ahmad Dairobi2, Ahmad Mahyuni1

Husband Knowledge and Husband Attitude about self-supporting family conciousness ofnutrition in general relate to executing indicator of KADARZI in life everyday. Puskesmas Batakan there are 28,9% family with status of Kadarzi and 71,1% family with status do not Kadarzi. This research to know correlation of knowledge and husband attitude with status of Kadarzi region of Puskesmas Batakan District Of Panyipatan Sub-Province Tanah Laut 2010. This was an observational research with cross sectional analytic population is families or households who have children 6-24 months, the sample in this study as much as 83 respondents. The analysis was performed descriptive method and statistically using Chi-Square. The result obtained there is correlation between husband knowledge of the status Kadarzi, there is correlation between husband attitude of the status Kadarzi regional of Puskesmas Batakan. Need to increase knowledge of the husband and change attitudes towards a good husband so as to reach families who Kadarzi. By way of increasing the active role of the community to come to health facilities, carry out extension and more intensive education to the community and the support and participation across sectors, community leaders and religious figures.

Keywords : knowledge, attitude, KADARZI

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