Jurnal Kesehatan Indonesia (Jurkessia)

Hubungan Tingkat Pengetahuan Dan Sikap Ibu Primigravida Trimester III Terhadap Perawatan Payudara Di Puskesmas Sungai Lulut Kecamatan Sungai TabukKabupaten Banjar Tahun 2010

Saidatunnisa1, Nina Rahmadiliyani2*, Meililiyanie2

Development of health and intelligent generation is responsibility of the entire community, a mother has a role and responsibility to create a healthy and intelligent generation. Therefore, breast milk (ASI) is critical for the process of growth and development of the baby’s brain. Breast care is very important to do during pregnancy for successful breastfeeding. The purpose in this study was to determine the relationship of knowledge and attitudes of mothers on third trimester primigravid to breast care in Sungai Lulut public health centre Subdistrict of Sungai Tabuk District of Banjar in 2010. This study used cross sectional approach. Population is the entire third trimester primigravid mothers totaled 80 people, in this research we studied 50 respondents. The collection of data drawn from primary data using the spearman rank test statistic with α = 0,05 (95%) confidens interval. The results obtained from 50 respondents didn’t perform breast care 28 people (56%). Poor knowledge of 35 people (70%). Negative attitudes of 27 people (54%). The statistical test obtained coefisien correlation is r = 0.299 (p= 0.035) that means there is a significant association between knowledge of breast care and there is a significant association between attitudes to breast care with coefisien correlation is r = 0.556 (p=0.000).

Keywords : knowledge, mother attitude of primigravida, and breast care

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