Jurnal Kesehatan Indonesia (Jurkessia)

Gambaran Pendidikan, Pengetahuan, Dan Sikap Ibu Yang Mempunyai Balita Usia 12 Sampai 59 Bulan Tentang Posyandu Di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Pirsus II Parin ginKecamatan Juai Kabupaten Balangan Tahun 2010

Rissa Saputri1*, Ahmad Gafuri2, Ahmad Mahyuni1

In growth monitoring performing at posyandu is found some problem amongst those balita’s visit range that is still contemn. This research intent to know description of education, science and mother attitude that have balita age 12 until 59 months about posyandu at Puskesmas Pirsus II. Paringin Juai District Balangan Regency Year 2010. This research did by descriptive method. Downloading primarying to utilize kuesioner and secondary data from puskemas. Result observationaling to point out of 45 respondents those are analyzed a large part mother education (88,9%) are level elementary education. Respondent level about posyandu a considerable part (48,9%) are enough. Meanwhile respondent attitude to posyandu a considerable part (71,1%) are positive.

Keywords: education, science, attitude, balita’s mother and posyandu

Download PDF Disini


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