Jurnal Kesehatan Indonesia (Jurkessia)

Analisis Faktor-faktor yang Berhubungan dengan Pemberian Air Susu Ibu (ASI) Eksklusif di Wilayah Puskesmas Batakan Kecamatan Panyipatan Kabupaten Tanah Laut Tahun 2010

Yuli Hosiana Sitanggang1, Agus Rahmadi2*, Meililiyanie3

Education, knowledge, activity and mother’s attitudes about breastfeeding practices generally associated with breastfeeding behavior in performing exclusively. Batakan Public Health Center there are 51.3% family not yet executed exclusive breast milk. This study aims to determine the correlation of education, knowledge, activity and mother’s attitude towards exclusive breast milk in Batakan Public Health Center Catchment Area, Sub-district of Panyipatan, District of Tanah Laut 2010. This research is an analytic survey with cross sectional design household or family having child 6-24 months, sampel in this research counted 82 respondent. Analysis conducted by descriftive and using statistical test of chisquare with α = 0.05. The results obtained there is a real correlation among mother’s education (p=0.042 <α), knowledge (p=0.000<α), the activity (p=0.002<α), mother’s attitudes (p=0.016<α) towards exclusive breastfeeding in region Batakan Public Health Centre. Similarly the influence of mother’s education (2.6), knowledge (6.4), the activity (3.1) and mother’s attitudes (3,2) have significant influence to exclusive breastfeeding. It can be concluded there is a real correlation among mother’s education, knowledge, the activity, mother’s attitudes towards exclusive breastfeeding and the biggest variable that’s influence to tendency suckle exclusively is knowledge.

Keywords : education, knowledge, activity, attitude, exclusive breast milk

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