Jurnal Kesehatan Indonesia (Jurkessia)

Tinjauan Tata Kelola Sistem Filing Rekam Medis Rawat Jalan
di RSUD Datu Sanggul Rantau Tahun 2011

Indra Nur Asmayanti1, Apit Widiarta2*, Dion Angger Priyatama3

Datu Sanggul Rantau Hospital used a straight numberical filing system, but has not been doing well. The filing system of the applied indeed facilitate the process of record keeping, but for the retrieval medical records of patient who want to get health care back takes longer time to found the medical records. Its happen because the number of the first group of the medical record is not sequence. This study used descriptive research through interviews and check list. From the research results of filing outpatient medical records systems at Datu Sanggul Rantau hospitals using a decentralized system, there is a separation between the inpatient medical and outpatient medical records filing room. filing system are applied in Datu Sanggul Rantau hospitals is the system uses the straight numberical system. Based on the results of the research of straight numberical system in Datu Sanggul Rantau hospitals has not been applied correctly. Where medical record number into three groups to the two already arranged correctly, but the numbers are still not in the first group sorted correctly. Thus the officials hard and long medical record in medical record retrieval. To improve the way the application of filing system with the straight numberical system of outpatient medical records officers need the training about medical records.

Keywords : governance medical record filing system, outpatient

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