Jurnal Kesehatan Indonesia (Jurkessia)

Gambaran Pengetahuan Ibu Hamil Tentang Faktor Risiko Kehamilan di Puskesmas Jambu Burung Kecamatan Beruntung Baru Kabupaten Banjar Kalimantan SelatanT ahun 2010

Lisminawati1, Nina Rahmadiliyani2*, Dion Angger Priyatama2

The health worker should be able to recognize the changes that may occur, so there is disorder that can be recognized early. Likewise with pregnant women themselves need to recognize the signs and dangers of high risk pregnancy that can threaten the health of mother and baby. The method used in this research is survey method with descriptive. The Population of this study are all pregnant women who examined her pregnancy in PHC of Jambu Burung since 27th September until the 6th of October 2010 totaled 35 people. The samples obtained in this study are amounted to 24 people with accidental sampling technique that pregnant women who happened to be at the time of the study. Analyze research shows that the level of knowledge of pregnant women in Jambu Burung PHC is less based on the age of majority at the age of 20-35 years of 19 people with the level of knowledge about 13 people (68.42%) of the total 19 people, according to the highest level of education is the basic level, amounting to 17 people with less education level by 14 people (82.35%) of the total 17 people, based on the work that most of the respondents who do not work as many as 12 with the level of knowledge about as 10 people (83.33%) of the total 12 people, based on economic status among the largest of 15 people with less knowledgeable of 14 people (93.33%) of the total 15 people and most are negative social culture of 14 people and all the less knowledgeable. The health worker should provide information in the form of explanation and education about the danger signs and risk factors of pregnancy to the cadres and mother pregnant. As for pregnant women should increase their knowledge about risk factors of pregnancy with her pregnancy checked regularly to health workers.

Keywords : knowledge, education, economic status, social culture

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