Jurnal Kesehatan Indonesia (Jurkessia)

Pengaruh Pemberian Suplemen Vitamin Terhadap Perubahan Status Gizi (BB/U) Balita Bawah Garis Merah (BGM) di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Kambat Utara Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Tengah (HST) Tahun 2010

Raudhatul Jannah1, Norhasanah2*, Rusman Efendi2

Total of BGM toddlers in Kambat Utara Public Health Centre in 2009 are 79 toddlers, still high above the target (5%), that is (6%). According to Bhutta et al (2008) reducing malnutrition of infants and toddlers can be done by a fortification/supplementation of vitamin. This study aims to determine the effect of vitamin supplementation on changes in nutritional status (weight/age) of BGM toddlers. This research used an experimental research design with pre-experiment and form design “One group pretest-postest”. Research conducted in
September to November 2010, with sample 24 BGM toddlers, and the age is 12 to 48 months. Before doing the study, infants or toddlers were weighed to determine the nutritional status based on weight and age (BB/U). Vitamin supplements given every month (60 ml bottle) with dosage drink 1 tsp/day or 5 ml/day. During research every toddler get 3 bottles syrup of vitamin supplements for 3 months. After that, toddler were weighed again to determine the end of nutritional status. The effect on giving vitamin supplement to nutricient status changing on weight and age (BB/U) of BGM toddlers were analyzed by using computer program SPSS 13 for windows. The statistical test used is dependent mean difference test (Paired Sample T-test). The result of p value = 0.0000 which is smaller than the value of alpha (0.05). So, there is the effect on giving vitamin supplement to nutricient status changing on weight and age (BB/U) of BGM toddlers.

Keywords : vitamin supplements, nutritional status (weight/age), BGM toddlers

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