Jurnal Kesehatan Indonesia (Jurkessia)

Hubungan Pengetahuan dengan Sikap Pekerja Seks Komersial Tentang Pencegahan HIV/AIDS di Lokalisasi Kapis Lama Desa Batu Ampar Kecamatan Simpang Empat Kabupaten Tanah Bumbu Tahun 2010

Nurliana1, Ahmad Mahyuni2, Erwan Efendi3*

AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is a collection of symptoms that arise due to the low endurance of the human body so that people can die rather than solely by the virus by their HIV but other diseases that could be rejected if the immune system is not damaged. Spread of HIV is very rapid. One factor to watch is the practice of prostitution and unsafe sexual behavior and irresponsible. The purpose of this study was to identify knowledge and attitudes as well as analyzing the relationship of knowledge to the attitude of commercial sex workers in the Kapis Lama Localization, Batu Ampar Village, Kecamatan Simpang Empat, Kabupaten Tanah Bumbu in 2010. The method in this study is cross sectional analytic approach. The results with 50 samples, mostly good knowledge of the respondents 37 (74%), but there is still much to be negative 28 respondents (56%) on the prevention of HIV/AIDS. There is a correlation of knowledge in a manner prostitutes in the Kapis Lama Localization, Batu Ampar Village, Kecamatan Simpang Empat, Kabupaten Tanah Bumbu 2010 on the prevention of HIV AIDS. The conclusion from this study that more better knowledge of the respondent, the attitude more be positive, knowledge tends to reverse the lower the negative attitude of respondents to the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Keywords : knowledge, attitude, HIV/AIDS, commercial sex workers

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