Jurnal Kesehatan Indonesia (Jurkessia)

Pengaruh Jenis dan Proporsi Pati Ubi Jalar (Ipomoea batatas) Terhadap Mutu dan Daya Terima Roti Manis

Yuliana Salman1*, Sari Novita2, Dewi Ratnasari1

Demand for sweet bakery products increased significantly in line with rising incomes due to the growing image and social status.A study on using sweetpotato starch as apartial wheat flour proportion in sweet bread making was performed in terms of extending the utilization of sweetpotato and improving the image as well as added value of the products. This study aimed to investigate the effect of type and proportions of starch sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) on the quality and acceptance of sweet bread. This research is an experiment with the entire population of the sweet potato is available in the market Craving Banjarbaru area, with a number of samples are 2 types of white and purple sweet potatoes. The results showed the influence of the type and proportion of sweet potato on the quality (carbohydrates, protein, fat and sugar) sweet bread with Some influences the types and proportions of sweet potato to the power received (color, aroma, texture and flavor) sweetbread.

Keywords : type, proportion, sweet potatoes, quality, receive power, sweet bread

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