Jurnal Kesehatan Indonesia (Jurkessia)

Hubungan Karakteristik Ibu Pasca Sectio Caesarea Terhadap Pelaksanaan Mobilisasi Dini di Rumah Bersalin dan Perawatan Anak Mutia Banjarbaru Tahun 2012

Ermas Estiyana1*, Muhammad Noor2, Sugeng Riyanto3

Mobilization of post partum mothers is a movement, or the activities undertaken after a few hours of birth mothers with sectio Caesarea to help accelerate the healing of mother. Most of the mothers of post sectio in maternity ward and Children care of Mutia didn’t do early mobilization, as many as 52.5%. The purpose of this research to know the Relationship of Mother Characteristics of Post Sectio Caesarea toward Implementation of Early Mobilization in Maternity Room and Children Care of Mutia Banjarbaru In 2012. This study used crosssectional approach. Population is all women who gave birth by sectio caesarea. Sampling used accidental sampling technique amounted to 40 people. The results obtained from 40 respondents were mobilized 21 people (52,5%), as many (57,5%) of respondents in the age of 20-35 years, the majority of primary education (50%), and as many (47,5%) knowledgeable of good category. Chi-square test statistic with α =0,05 obtained there a significant relationship between age toward the implementation of early mobilization are p = 0,000 < α = 0,05. There is a significant relationship between the level of education toward the implementation of early mobilization are p = 0,000 < α = 0,05. There is a significant relationship between the level of knowledge toward the implementation of early mobilization are p = 0,000 < α = 0,05. Advised for health workers can improve counseling continuously toward patient of sectio caesarea about the benefits and importance of early mobilization.

Keywords : sectio caesarea, analitic, early mobilization

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