Jurnal Kesehatan Indonesia (Jurkessia)

Tinjauan Implementasi Persetujuan Tindakan Kedokteran di BLUD Rumah Sakit Dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh Banjarmasin Periode Mei-Juni Tahun 2012

Mislawaty1, Rizana Mirza2, Apit Widiarta2

Informed Consent in the BLUD Dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh Hospital Banjarmasin, a doctor just run the informed consent in writing, while the informed consent in verbal there is not already running. Filling the completeness of informed consent is always filled in January and February, but in March there were nine incomplete the medical records. Purpose of the study to determine the implementation of informed consent in the BLUD Dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh Hospital Banjarmasin. The research method is descriptive research. Sampel in this study was all Doctor and nurse, patients / families who receive medical action, and informed consent forms that exist in the Kumala Room BLUD Dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh Hospital, with sampling techniqe was non probability and purposive sampling technique. Research is standard operating procedure informed consent especially about charging policy for approval are still in the process of revision. Approval of the implementation phase of informed consent is a doctor / nurse explain the procedure before and after surgery, diagnosis and procedure explanations of medical action, explanation of financial forecasts, the purpose of medical action is performed, risks and complications of medical action when given to patients is not performed. Completeness of informed consent the greatest percentage of incomplete evidence that self / identity card. For the month of May with a percentage of 46.7% and 40%. June with a percentage of 41,5% and 36,6%.

Keywords : Implementation of Informed Consent

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